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New Puppy? What to Do First

New Puppy Tips

Deciding to adopt a new puppy is an exciting time. You are adding a new family member to your home so you should be prepared. Below, the team at University Parkway Animal Hospital has put together some quick tips to help bring your new puppy home.

Puppy Proof Your House

Think of a puppy like a toddler. They will get into anything and everything. The difference though is that puppies don't have hands, so will use their mouth as hands. This means puppies will chew on objects around the house that aren't necessarily safe for them. Further, puppies will ingest small objects that are not meant to be eaten. Before bringing a new puppy into your home, walk around with the mindset of a puppy. Pull up any cords or small objects that can fit in your puppy's mouth. Remember that corners on furniture, area rugs, cabinets, and wall molding can look quite tempting.

Find an Obedience School

Appropriate behaviors start with the mother dog on day one. Just because you bring your puppy home does not mean the learning has to stop. Be sure to find an obedience school or trainer to work with. Many animal shelters have obedience classes for all ages and ability levels. Starting good habits early with your puppy will help establish expectations and strengthen the bond between you and your new puppy.

Establish a Routine

Puppies learn routines very quickly, so make sure you are consistent. Routines can include everything from the time of day meals happen, to the time you play, and the time you go out for a walk. Be sure that everyone in the household stays consistent. Having everyone chip in to establish a steady routine will make your puppy learn faster and be happier.

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Bringing a new furry family member into the house is an exciting time. Puppies are a joy to watch, but can also bring about some frustrating, scary, and unknown moments. To make sure your puppy stays in the best health, the veterinary team at University Parkway Animal Hospital can help. Our team of veterinarian experts can help keep your pet healthy while answering your questions. Our office is located at 84 University Parkway, Jackson, TN, 38305. To schedule an appointment with our vet, call us today at (731) 661-0711

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