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Flea & Tick Problems

University Parkway Animal Hospital Treats Flea & Tick Problems

If your pet spends any amount of time outdoors, they will be vulnerable to fleas and ticks that wait in grass for an unsuspecting passer-by.  Once fleas are brought into the home, they can reproduce at a rapid rate in carpeting, bedding, and other areas. Getting rid of them is time-consuming matter. Ticks are a different type of problem, which can transmit disease to your pet. At University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, we offer a variety of products to prevent flea and tick problems.

University Parkway Animal Hospital Treats Flea & Tick Problems

Understanding Flea Infestations

A single flea can quickly become hundreds of fleas that cause intense scratching and discomfort for your pet. These tiny pests can also spread throughout your home, in your carpets, bedding, upholstery, and clothing. To eliminate fleas, you must destroy all three stages of their life cycle, that is, the eggs, nymphs, and adults. Pet owners can probably manage a mild infestation on their own with flea medications and thorough home cleaning. However, a severe outbreak of fleas may require the help of your vet and a pest control company.

Ticks Carry a Number of Diseases

Ticks are a different problem altogether. A single tick will attach itself to your pet’s body to feed. In the process, the tick can transmit a number of diseases to your pet, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis, babesiosis, and tularemia. These diseases can be treated with antibiotics, sometimes on an ongoing basis.

Flea & Tick Prevention Helps Maintain Pet Health

Today’s pet products make it easy to avoid flea & tick problems. Sprays, powders, collars, spot-on treatments, and oral medications are available to repel these pests. Some of these compounds must be applied frequently, and others are administered on a monthly basis. Your vet can advise you on the best type of treatments for your pet’s needs.

Make University Parkway Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Jackson

Dr. Ben Lifsey Jr., uses his extensive training in veterinary care to help his patients in Jackson, TN, and the nearby communities maintain good health at every stage of life. We are a full-service facility, offering examinations, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, microchipping, dental care, dermatology, grooming, and boarding. Call University Parkway Animal Hospital today at (731) 661-0711 for an appointment to learn about flea & tick prevention to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

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