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Importance of Wellness Exams

A pet wellness exam can be compared to an annual checkup that humans should have. Since pets age much quicker than humans, it's even more critical for them to have at least a yearly health screening with a veterinarian. University Parkway Animal Hospital is your local Jackson veterinarians that provide this service for pets. Here are a few reasons why a pet wellness exam is essential.

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A Wellness Exam Provides Important Information

A routine visit to the vet gives owners an overall perspective of their pet's health. All your pet's vitals are checked, along with his eyes, nose, ears, and so forth. Skin and fur are checked along with his teeth. If necessary, we could recommend further dental care should your companion animal have broken, loose teeth or bleeding and swelling inside the mouth. Stool and urine samples may be collected to test for infections as well as possible parasites.

During a visit, this is also your time to ask your vet questions or comment about your pet's lifestyle. For instance, if he had issues with weight control, the doctor may discuss a dietary and lifestyle change to get him back in the right direction.

Establish A Long-Term Care Plan

Wellness exams, especially with the same animal hospital, allow you to develop a good relationship with your veterinarian. Your pet will get more comfortable with the same professionals conducting these routine procedures. More importantly, it is far more likely that potentially harmful conditions will be caught earlier with preventative checkups.

Keep Your Pet Up to Date With Necessary Vaccinations

Part of a pet wellness exam is making sure your pet is up to date with his required vaccinations. These are important for several reasons, such as:

  • prevention of illnesses in your pet
  • they keep you safeguarded from diseases that can be passed to humans
  • you are following the requirements for being a pet owner

There is no need to worry as most pets will respond completely normal to a vaccine. The benefits far exceed any possible side effects because the vaccinations prove to be a source of long-term immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Further Testing Can Be Scheduled If Required

Should your vet find anything out of the ordinary, a wellness exam provides them with the information to move forward with additional screenings. Further exams can check for arthritis, cancer formation, diabetes, and more. 

Schedule A Pet Wellness Exam In Jackson Today

University Parkway Animal Hospital proudly serves pet owners in the Jackson and surrounding areas. We believe a pet wellness exam is a foundational part for your companion animal living a long and healthy life. Call us today at (731) 661-0711, and we'll work with a time that is best for you to schedule an appointment. 

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