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Soft Tissue Repairs

Soft Tissue Repair from Our Veterinarian

Pets have soft tissue that comprises their musculoskeletal system, including ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Your pet could damage that soft tissue from overuse, overexertion, a fight, or an injury. While we can help pets heal in some cases, in others, surgery at our animal hospital, University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, and the nearby region, our veterinarian can help your pet heal.

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Types of Injuries

Sprains and strains are the two common injuries we see in pets. For example, when your pet has a sprain, they have a ligament with a tear. Strains occur when pets over-exert a muscle or tendon. 

Signs of a Soft Tissue Injury

Your pets may have bruising under the fur, and inflammation or swelling may be present. Your pets may have difficulty moving the area or placing pressure on it. Touching the site may wince or tense up.

You may notice them excessively licking the area or having little appetite, which tends to happen because of the pain.

Diagnosing the Injury

Therefore, we accurately understand your pet's issue and ask you questions about symptoms. In addition, we'll want to know about your pet's medical history and may take imaging to see what's going on under your pet's skin.

Treating the Soft Tissue Injury

We treat soft tissue injuries, whether minor, serious, or emergency. Our veterinarian may recommend conservative measures, such as helping them stretch the area gradually. In addition, we recommend hot and cold therapy and a pain reliever. We'll also advise how to help your pets recover. For example, compression may help relieve the inflammation to heal better.

In the more serious cases, pets may need surgical repair for a soft tissue injury. Our veterinarian will use a scalpel to make an incision to repair the damage during this treatment. The actual surgery varies depending on your pet's particular situation.

Contact Our Office for Comprehensive Care

After the surgery, we'll educate you on how to care for your pet to facilitate healing properly. You'll usually have to bring your pet back for at least one follow-up appointment.

University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, and the general vicinity, provides pets with various services, including soft tissue repair, in emergency and non-emergency cases. Contact us today for an appointment at (731) 661-0711

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