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Emergency Vet Services in Jackson, TN

An emergency situation is terrifying for both you and your furry friend. Whether they have accidentally ingested a toxin or are suffering from a life-threatening injury, the steps you take directly after an emergency occurs is critical. Choosing an emergency vet clinic you can trust is the first step. The experienced staff at University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN is here to help you and your pet in their time of need. 

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Common Pet Emergencies

Common pet emergencies include heatstroke

  • poisoning
  • labor issues
  • seizure
  • urination problems
  • allergic reaction 
  • trauma. 

Symptoms of a potential emergency include gastrointestinal issues, including bloat, and neurological problems. 

  • Vomiting and diarrhea can indicate serious illness when combined with weakness or lethargy, or when it lasts for more than a day. This can occur when a pet  ingests a household poison, like antifreeze or medication. 
  • Trauma-related issues can include falls, car accidents and bites from other animals. 
  • Collapse can indicate heart or vascular disease, internal bleeding, respiratory disease, poisoning, or neurological disease.
  • Other neurological problems are incoordination, disorientation, walking in circles and unresponsiveness.
  • Eye problems like discharge, swelling and tearing can result in blindness or loss, so it’s important to contact an emergency vet clinic.
  • Allergic reactions can cause itching, hives and breathing difficulty. 
  • If your pet is experiencing breathing difficulty, which can also result from asthma, heart disease or a foreign object in the airway, call University Parkway Animal Hospital immediately.  

Steps to Take in an Emergency Situation

If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening issue, contact University Parkway Animal Hospital as soon as possible. After you get in touch with our veterinarian, make sure you have information about your pet on hand, including their species, age, and weight.

Before an emergency happens, be prepared. Store the University Parkway Animal Hospital’s number in your phone and familiarize yourself with first aid tips. Memorize the evening and weekend hours of your local vet hospital, as well as others in the area.

Our Jackson Animal Hospital Provides Emergency Treatment

At University Parkway Animal Hospital, we have experience in treating a variety of emergency situations, including injuries, labor complications, poison ingestion, urinary blockages and bloat. We have a clean, state-of-the-art surgical suite equipped with anesthesia and patient monitoring instruments. In the case that your pet requires overnight monitoring and treatment, they can be easily transferred to the Jackson Pet Emergency Clinic, located less than a mile away.

In addition to our emergency services, we perform soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, wellness exams including microchipping and vaccinations, preventative procedures and dental exams. For more information about our emergency vet clinic or to schedule an appointment for routine care, call our Jackson veterinarian at (731) 661-0711.

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  • "Took my kitten there today (they are not closed, as the Facebook page says!), and loved it! Very kind, friendly staff who really give their time and attention to your pet! Highly recommend!"
    Kippi Wood Adams

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