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Pet Microchipping from Our Veterinarian in Jackson, TN

If you are pondering ways to keep your cat or dog safer, microchipping is an excellent choice. Our Jackson veterinarian stresses that the chances of a lost pet reuniting with its owner increases when the animal has a microchip. Many of our clients consider the microchip implant procedure at University Parkway Animal Hospital to be both quick and convenient for their pets.

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Microchipping Benefits

The greatest benefit of microchipping is peace of mind. Of the nearly 8 million animals admitted to shelters each year, about a fifth of dogs reunite with their owners. Only about 2 percent of cats make it home. However, the odds rise significantly for microchipped animals.

Many people are surprised to learn that for owners, implanted microchips are essentially maintenance-free. They are designed to last longer than the life of a pet. An owner only needs to do two things: register initial contact information with the chip manufacturer and keep the information current. At each pet’s yearly visit, our staff scans the animal to make sure the chip remains in the proper position and is working correctly.

A microchip is a much more secure method of providing pet contact information than a detachable collar is as the information on it can wear over time. For optimal coverage, we recommend both a microchip and ID tags on a breakaway collar.

Implanting a microchip is convenient. Owners can schedule an appointment specifically for this procedure or request it during another vet appointment. Insertion is both quick and harmless to an animal.

What to Expect

It takes our vet only seconds to perform the microchipping procedure. Each microchip is an electronic device. It resides within a tiny glass cylinder and resembles the size and shape of a grain of rice.

Using a hypodermic needle, our veterinarian implants the chip under the pet’s skin.  For most pets who visit our animal hospital, the preferred site is between the shoulder blades.  Any discomfort is roughly the same as that linked to common injections.

Each chip has a unique number issued by its manufacturer. Whenever an unknown animal reaches a shelter or veterinary practice, a staff member scans it with a special device. For microchipped animals, the number displays on this device, making it possible to contact the owner.

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Our full-service animal hospital in Jackson offers standard as well as emergency care five days a week.  We have the resources to meet all your pet’s needs, whether they are wellness services, boarding, surgery, or an emergency visit.  Take a moment to call our office today at (731) 661-0711 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Ben Lifsey, Jr., at University Parkway Animal Hospital or to ask any questions you might have about microchipping or other services.


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