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Lameness & Limping

Has your pet started to show signs of lameness or limping around? Your pet’s lameness and limping could be from an injury or underlying illness. Finding the cause of your pet’s lameness and limping is crucial for getting the correct treatment. Our vet at University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, offers exams and treatments for injuries and illnesses that can cause these lameness and limping.


Injuries That Cause Lameness and Limping

Fractures, sprains, and other injuries can cause pets to limp or experience lameness. Injuries that affect the leg, hip, or paw can also cause this behavior. Pets with injuries might not be comfortable putting weight on the affected area. Having your pet’s injuries examined at a pet hospital ensures its injuries heal properly.

Illnesses That Cause Lameness and Limping

Conditions and diseases that affect the joints can cause pets to limp or develop lameness. Your pet may avoid putting weight on sore and stiff joints if it has hip dysplasia or arthritis. Tick-borne illnesses and other diseases can also lead to limping and lameness.

What to Expect at the Vet

Our veterinarian will need to know some information about your pet when you bring it in for examination. We will want to know which leg or legs your pet seems to avoid walking on. We will also ask if this behavior occurs all the time or only sometimes. You should tell us if you notice symptoms like sudden aggression or behavioral changes in your pet. We will consider this information, run tests as needed, or take X-rays to diagnose your pet accurately.

Treatment for Lameness and Limping

Treatment for your pet’s limping and lameness depends on the cause. Injuries might require rest during healing. Arthritis or other joint problems might require careful management through physical therapy or medication. Our veterinarian can create a treatment plan for your pet once they know the cause of its lameness or limping.

Treat Your Pet’s Lameness and Limping at University Parkway Animal Hospital

Lameness and limping in your pet could indicate a significant health issue that needs prompt treatment, so contact University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, to get your pet the care it needs to remain healthy and happy. Call us and schedule an appointment at our pet hospital today at (731) 661-0711.

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