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Comprehensive Vet Care

If you live in or near Jackson, TN, and need a veterinarian near you, consider our team at University Parkway Animal Hospital, a veterinary practice that serves all your pet's needs. We know that your pet’s health is important to you and we are here to provide the comprehensive vet care he needs to get and stay healthy.

Pet Care

Preventive Care and Acute Treatments

We work with you to provide preventive care for your pet through regular wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention to keep fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites from harming you and your pet. In addition, we provide grooming services to help your pet look and feel its best.

Pet Illness Treatment

Despite our best efforts at prevention, our pets can become injured or simply grow older, leading to complications we must address. Whether your pet has soft tissue or orthopedic concerns, we will carefully examine and diagnose your pet's condition to help identify the best treatment plan.

We also provide spay and neutering, dental, microchipping, and emergency services to help ensure we understand and can address your pet's general range of issues. So, whether your pet only needs a regular wellness exam or shows symptoms that cause concern, allow our animal hospital team to work with your pet to diagnose and treat the problem.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy

We know that your pet is your friend and you want him to be both happy and healthy. The good news is we are here to help you achieve that goal with a range of veterinary services you can trust. Don’t let your pet suffer in silence when our veterinary team is here to get him the care he needs.

Get General Veterinary Care from a Veterinarian Near You

The University Parkway Animal Hospital provides high-quality, compassionate treatment for pets in or near Jackson, TN. Our team will always strive to address your pet's care needs. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (731) 661-0711. Contact us for general veterinary care from a veterinarian near you. We are here to help.


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What University Parkway Vet Clients Say

Took my kitten there today (they are not closed, as the Facebook page says!), and loved it! Very kind, friendly staff who really give their time and attention to your pet! Highly recommend!

Kippi Wood Adams

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