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Pet Teeth Cleaning

Pet Teeth Cleaning at University Parkway Animal Hospital

As you probably know by now, keeping a pet clean is hard work. But cleanliness can result, not just in a nicer-looking pet, but also in some serious health benefits. The same principle holds true for cleaning your pet's teeth. The only way to ensure that plaque and tartar aren't attracting dangerous bacteria to your pet's mouth is by scheduling periodic professional teeth cleaning sessions. Our Jackson veterinarian at University Parkway Animal Hospital, Dr. Ben Lifsey, Jr., will be happy to help you protect your pet's dental wellness.

Why Veterinary Teeth Cleaning Matters

Why Veterinary Teeth Cleaning Matters

At least from a distance, your pet's teeth may appear sparkling clean, making you wonder why veterinary teeth cleaning is no important. But appearances can be deceiving. It's all too easy for food particles and saliva to combine, forming a sticky substance called plaque. Once the plaque hardens into tartar, the most thorough tooth brushing in the world may have trouble getting rid of it, especially since some of its forms below the gum line. This is a bad thing because bacteria are attracted to plaque and tartar. Their presence then causes your pet's immune system to react by creating destructive inflammation in the gums. This condition, known as periodontal disease, can ruin the tissues that hold the teeth in place while also causing pain, bleeding, and other issues.

Periodontal disease is no rare occurrence; most older pets will suffer from it eventually. The good news is that it can be prevented or minimized through professional cleanings that scrape even the toughest tartar away, giving bacteria less reason to attack the teeth and gums.

Professional Cleaning Under Anesthesia From Our Jackson Veterinarian

Our Jackson veterinarian performs pet teeth cleaning under general anesthesia. The anesthesia is a necessary step because it keeps your pet absolutely quiet and still throughout the procedure. This allows us to probe beneath the gum line to get all the tartar threatening your pet's dental health. Clinics that advertise "anesthesia-free teeth cleaning" can't do nearly so thorough a job, leaving your pet needlessly vulnerable to ongoing periodontal disease.

Our teeth cleaning sessions involve more than simple tartar removal. We perform dental x-rays to catch any problems that may be hiding beneath the gum line and require treatment. We also polish the teeth and advise you on home care strategies such as brushing and tartar-control foods.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning Appointment at Our Vet Clinic

Cleaner teeth make for a healthier pet. Give your pet the gift of dental health by scheduling teeth cleaning appointment at University Parkway Animal Hospital. Call our Jackson vet clinic at (731) 661-0711!

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