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Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care from your Jackson veterinarian can help improve your pet’s breath, reduce your pet’s risk of periodontal disease and can even help improve your pet’s quality of life. As your pet’s veterinarian in Jackson TN, we recommend bringing your pet to the vet for dental care at least once annually. We also recommend that pet owners care for their pet’s teeth at home to help keep the teeth healthy and clean.

Dog getting his teeth brushed at the veterinarian.

Dental Care at Home

If you own a pet, there are many things you can do at home to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and to help your pet avoid periodontal disease.

  • Brush the teeth - Brush your pet’s teeth on a daily basis with a toothbrush small enough to fit in your pet’s mouth and toothpaste formulated for animals.
  • Give your pet crunchy foods to eat - Crunchy foods can help clean your pet’s teeth and are often better for the gums than soft foods.
  • Give your pet dental chew toys - Dental chew toys help clean the teeth and gums while your pet plays.

Veterinary Dental Care at Your Jackson Animal Hospital

As your Jackson Animal Hospital, we offer the following dental care services to cats and dogs in our community:

  • Dental examinations - Dental examinations help us catch the periodontal disease in its early stages. Our dental examinations can also help us determine whether or not there is plaque buildup on your pet’s tooth enamel. During our dental examinations, we’ll decide whether or not your pet needs an annual tooth cleaning. If we see that your pet needs a cleaning or another form of dental treatment, we’ll make that recommendation.
  • Pet teeth cleaning - We’ll clean your pet’s teeth to remove plaque buildup above and below the gum line. We’ll also polish your pet’s tooth enamel to make it shiny and smooth. This will help stop food from sticking to your pet’s teeth.
  • Tooth extractions - We extract infected teeth to stop the spread of infection throughout the body.
  • Cavity fillings - Cavity fillings help us stop the spread of tooth decay throughout your pet’s mouth, and can help stop toothaches that your pet might be experiencing.

Symptoms of Dental Disease in Pets

As a pet owner, it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of dental disease in pets. Some of the most common symptoms include very bad breath, missing or loose teeth, stains on the teeth and gums, bleeding teeth and gums, cracked teeth and discomfort in the mouth. If you notice that your pet has any of these symptoms, take your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Contact Your Animal Hospital in Jackson to Schedule an Appointment Today!

As your pet’s Jackson veterinarian, we can help your pet get the dental care that they need in order to have healthy teeth. If your pet hasn’t been into the animal hospital in Jackson for a dental examination yet this year, contact us today at (731) 661-0711.

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