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Pet Medical Examination

We at University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, offer veterinarian care for your healthy pet that needs a vaccination or just a regular pet check up. Our veterinarian is here to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Bring your pet in today. 

Pet medical exam

What Is a Pet Medical Examination?

A pet medical exam is a routine check to help ensure your pet is healthy and has no underlying health issues that need to be treated. The frequency of this exam depends on your pet’s age and health condition. This diagnostic tool allows our veterinarian to catch a medical issue before it has a chance to worsen and become more serious.

Here are some things that our veterinarian may look at during the exam:

    • Your pet’s stance and gait
    • Alertness and comprehension
    • The general appearance of your pet’s body
    • Muscle condition
    • Weight
    • Coat or fur
    • Skin
    • Eyes
    • Ears
    • Face and nose
    • Mouth and teeth
    • Heart function
    • Lung function
    • Pulse
    • Lymph nodes
    • Legs, paws, and toenails
    • Abdomen and major organs


Keeping your pet up to date on routine vaccines can be important to help protect him against contagious and deadly diseases. The time frame for regular routine vaccines depends on your pet’s age and health condition.

Our vet can explain the core vaccines and additional vaccines that your pet may or may not need so that you are informed about your options.

Medical Prevention

Medical prevention measures can help protect your pet against parasites and conditions that can cause terrible illness or even death.

The following are conditions that parasite prevention can help deter:

    • Fleas
    • Ticks
    • Heartworm
    • Lyme Disease
    • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
    • Tapeworms
    • Roundworms

Here are some of the potential benefits of a pet wellness exam:

    • Preventing your pet from going through pain, discomfort, illness, or death
    • Less expense
    • Catching a medical issue in the early stages
    • Extends the animal’s longevity
    • Permits your vet to detect any health or behavioral changes
    • Monitoring your pet’s sensitivities to its environment or reaction to allergies
    • Boost your pet’s mental health

Get a Pet Vaccination and Healthy Pet Check up from Our Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, our veterinary team is experienced in uncovering underlying medical conditions during a pet check up. We will help make sure your healthy pet maintains his health and wellness.

Contact our professional staff today to schedule your pet’s medical exam. Let’s keep him as healthy as possible. Call us at (731) 661-0711 for a pet vaccination and healthy pet check up from our veterinarian at our animal hospital.

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Took my kitten there today (they are not closed, as the Facebook page says!), and loved it! Very kind, friendly staff who really give their time and attention to your pet! Highly recommend!

Kippi Wood Adams

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