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Services Provided by Our Jackson Animal Hospital

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University Parkway Animal Hospital is your complete resource for pet primary care. Our goal is to aid your pet in living a happy and healthy life. We proudly serve the Jackson community by following veterinary services and techniques:

  • Wellness Exams - Regular wellness exams help you keep your pet in tip-top condition year after year. Our Jackson veterinarian runs lab tests, examines your entire pet's exterior features, feels for suspicious lumps, weighs your pet and observes any abnormalities instance, gait or behavior.
  • Vaccines - All pets need core vaccines against common killer germs, while some at-risk animals also need elective vaccines against other diseases. We can immunize your pet and provide periodic booster shots.
  • Microchipping - We can inject a tiny microchip ID implant beneath your pet's skin. This implant contains a unique ID number that can help animal workers trace him back to you if he loses his collar tag.
  • Dental Evaluations and Treatment - Our veterinarian in Jackson can X-ray your pet's teeth, diagnose periodontal disease, check for oral cancer, and administer deep teeth cleaning. We can also treat infections and even perform tooth extractions if necessary.
  • Puppy and Kitten Care - We can administer several rounds of core vaccines to build up initial disease resistance, de-worm your new friend, set up the necessary preventative medication schedule, and advise you on puppy and kitten care basics.
  • Senior Care - Our senior pet exams help us spot age-related diseases so we can administer the necessary treatment. We also provide pain management for aging joints and dietary recommendations for this stage of life.
  • Pain Management - If your pet is in pain, our veterinarian in Jackson knows how to help. Relief may come in the form of medications, nutritional supplements with natural anti-inflammatory qualities, gentle exercises, or even surgery to relieve severe joint pain.
  • Dermatology - Your pet's skin is vulnerable to allergic dermatitis, pest infestations, infections, cancer and other challenges. We can determine the nature of your pet's skin problem and provide soothing, healing remedies.
  • Pest and Parasite Prevention - Internal parasites can cause serious illness and internal damage, while fleas, ticks, mites and other exterior pests irritate the skin and transmit diseases. We can prescribe preventative medications to keep these uninvited guests away.
  • Surgery - Our Jackson veterinarian can perform a variety of surgical procedures. Our services include spay/neuter surgery, orthopedic surgery, dental surgery, emergency surgery, external surgery and internal surgery.
  • Boarding and Grooming - We offer boarding services for your pet while you're away, including veterinary care, regular meals, exercises, and affection. We also provide grooming services to keep your pet in healthy, good-looking form.
  • Emergency Services - Rely on our animal hospital in Jackson for a wide range of emergency services. We can set bones, treat poisoning, correct internal blockages, seal lacerations, perform C-sections and more.

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