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Importance of Grooming

At University Parkway Animal Hospital, located in Jackson, TN., we offer many services to help ensure that your pet is healthy and properly cared for. One of the services that our local vet offers is grooming services. Grooming can involve many different things, including bathing your pet, cutting your pet's hair or fur, removing mats from your pet, clipping their nails, and cleaning their ears. Pet grooming is important for all pets to ensure they are clean and safe. Read on to learn more about grooming services and why they are important. 

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How Frequently Does a Pet Need to Be Groomed? 

One of the questions that people have regarding pet grooming is how frequently a pet needs to be groomed. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all answer to this question. Some pets may need to be groomed once a year, while other pets may need to be seen every few months. The longer or thicker your pet's hair or fur is, the more frequently they may need to be groomed. Our vets can answer any questions about the specific type of animal and breed you have and their grooming needs. 

Why is Pet Grooming Important? 

Grooming is important for several reasons. Grooming helps to keep your pet clean. Grooming helps to do things that your pet cannot do for themselves, such as trimming their nails or removing mats. Grooming also helps to keep your pet healthy. If your pet is not groomed, they can develop skin conditions or have a higher risk of infection due to infected nail beds or nails growing into their paw pads. 

Do I Need A Veterinarian For Grooming Services? 

While there are many non-vets that offer grooming services, getting services from a veterinarian has many benefits. First off, the office is clean and sanitary, and the pets the vet treats are up to date on their shots and immunizations. Second, a vet is familiar with working with pets and can help to calm your pet and ensure they get the care and grooming they need to be healthy. 

Book Your Appointment With Us Today! 

At University Parkway Animal Hospital, located in Jackson, TN, our veterinarian knows that every pet is different. Their needs are different and the grooming services and frequency that they need grooming is different. We can help you to determine when your pet needs what grooming services and then provide those services in a safe, clean, and loving environment for your pet. Call us now at (731) 661-0711 to schedule an appointment for your pet to get the grooming that they need. 

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