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Pet Dermatology

Any illness, trauma, or general health problem changes your pet’s behavior and reduces the quality of their life. Some health issues may go away on their own, but others get worse if left untreated. There are many potential causes of pet skin irritation, and most of these require medication for treatment. Keep your pet healthy and happy for a long, fun-filled life together by scheduling regular appointments at University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN.

Pet Dermatology

Identifying Pet Dermatology Issues

When skin becomes itchy or inflamed, pets scratch frequently, groom compulsively, and chew on affected areas. This often leads to secondary problems such as red areas of skin called hot spots, which may be dry and flaky or moist and oozing. Hair loss may occur. From here, the skin can become infected, worsening your pet’s pain and immobility. 

Sources of Skin Irritation

Parasite infestation: Every pet who spends time outside will probably pick up fleas, which are ubiquitous in most places. Fleas feed on your pet’s blood and reproduce quickly, laying eggs in your pet’s fur and overwhelming the skin with bites. Flea bites cause compulsive scratching. The symptoms of flea infestation are even worse if your pet is allergic to flea saliva.

Environmental allergies: Outdoor allergens like mold, pollen, plants, and weeds prompt an immune response that causes red eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. Animals experience symptoms such as skin rash and hives after brushing against plants or other allergens in their habitat.

Food allergies: If your pet ingests an allergen, they will likely experience gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and diarrhea as well as rash and skin redness. Sensitive skin on the stomach, armpits, paws, ears, and face are particularly susceptible to food allergies. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine what they are allergic to.  

Importance of Seeing Your Veterinarian

Although anaphylactic shock has rarely been observed in pets, acute skin problems can signify dangerous allergic reactions. Sudden swelling can make breathing difficult and lead to impaired circulation. Gastrointestinal issues can cause severe problems as well. Dermatology issues cause constant irritation and should be addressed right away.

Skincare at your animal hospital will include your veterinarian determining the cause of your pet’s skin issues. While medication will ease painful symptoms, you will need to eliminate the cause of the problem with flea medication or a change of food or habitat.

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