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Pet Dermatology

Pet Dermatology at University Parkway Animal Hospital

Similarly to humans, pets can experience many skin irritations that arise from numerous causes. Whether your pet has itchy skin due to allergies or hot spots from flea bites, your veterinarian can alleviate your pet’s dermatology concerns with effective pet care. Our veterinarian at University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, will identify the cause of your pet’s skin irritation and recommend appropriate treatments to ease symptoms. We are here to tell you about the signs of skin problems in pets and how we diagnose and treat them.

Pet Dermatology

Identifying Skin Issues in Pets

Pets cannot communicate with us about their skin ailments, so we are responsible for observing our pets and caring for them when they experience skin problems. We often notice dermatology issues with our pets based on their scratching or excessively licking parts of their bodies. Pet owners should also inspect their pets periodically, particularly among pets with dense undercoats. These pets often experience hot spots on the skin, so you need to regularly examine them for fleas, ticks, mites, and other pests. Other signs of skin issues to look out for in pets include hair loss, skin changes like flaking or scaling, and discharge from the skin.

Diagnosing Pet Skin Conditions

Our vet will discuss your pet’s behavior and exposure to other animals and environments to diagnose its skin ailment. They will inspect the affected area and may perform tests to determine the cause of your pet’s condition. For example, our vet may perform allergy testing to identify specific allergens causing your pet’s skin irritation. Once our vet determines the cause of your pet’s skin problems, they can provide appropriate treatment to alleviate the issue and keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy in the future.

Treatment for Your Pet’s Skin Problems

The treatment for your pet’s skin problem will depend on the cause and severity of your pet’s symptoms. For example, our veterinarian can identify allergens and offer ways to limit your pet’s exposure. Doing this can reduce or eliminate your pet’s risk of developing allergy-related skin problems. Our veterinarian can also prescribe medication to ease your pet’s symptoms. Fleas are a common cause of skin irritation, so we treat them with flea preventives to keep them off your pet's skin. Other treatments for skin conditions include shampoos, topical ointments, and oral medications.

Protect Your Pet’s Skin by Visiting University Parkway Animal Hospital Today

If you live in Jackson, TN, and have questions about pet skin ailments or their treatment, contact University Parkway Animal Hospital today. Our pet hospital can identify the cause of your pet’s skin condition and provide expert pet care to help it feel its best again. Call us and schedule an appointment at (731) 661-0711 to ensure your pet’s skin and coat remain healthy with our pet dermatology services.

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