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Signs your Pet has Allergies

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Like humans, pets can develop allergies. Your pet could develop an allergy from the food that they eat, from something in the air, or from something that has come into contact with their skin. If your pet has developed an allergy, they cannot tell you about it. It is up to you to know the signs that your pet has allergies.

Skin Problems and Irritations

If your pet has a rash or if his skin is irritated, it could be due to a few different things. First, fleas can bite your pet, and it can leave a rash on his skin. Demodex mites can also cause skin irritation. If your pet doesn't have fleas or mites, the skin problems could be due to allergies.

Hair Loss

Allergies can cause hair loss for one of two reasons. First, if your pet has a skin irritation and he is scratching and biting himself, in time, it will leave bald patches in the areas where he is scratching. Hair loss is also a symptom of an allergic reaction to something that he has come into contact with or something that he ate.

Hay Fever

Many people suffer from hay fever during allergy season. What you may not know is that pets can suffer from the same type of allergy. Some dogs develop the same symptoms as you such as itchy eyes and a runny nose. In most cases; however, the most common symptom is itching. If your pet has hay fever, he will develop an itch on the paws, the armpit, and the groin. In most cases, they hay fever symptoms begin in the summer, and during the winter, your pet will show no symptoms.

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If you believe that your pet is suffering from allergies, it is important that you find out what is causing the reaction. The veterinarians at the University Parkway Animal Hospital in Jackson can examine your pet and run tests to see what is causing the allergy. A dermatology exam at the veterinary hospital will help find the source of the allergy so that you can what you can to avoid the allergen.

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